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Marasim is an NYC based company providing artisanal consultancy, sourcing and manufacturing services to the home, fashion, interior, and accessory designers.

There are 10 MM skilled grassroots artisans in India. Most of them are women. These highly skilled artisans are a part of the India’s  biggest untapped and unorganized craft sector. Marasim employs artisan clusters locally- tapping into the unique techniques and skill sets of the generational grassroots artisans. Thus organizing the craft sector and creating opportunities for the millions of artisans. Marasim empowers the designers with the information on processes and cultures associated with various craft techniques and enables them to collaborate and innovate with the artisans using the lingua franca of design.


In our effort to organize the untapped craft sector, we use the following impact parameters to quantify and share our impact on artisanal community and environment.

– Traditional techniques identified, documented, innovated and represented in our craft library.

– Craft clusters formed locally in the villages and kept operational with regular work.

– Artisans employed per cluster.

– Infrastructural, financial and educational advancement of the whole village.

– The efficiency building of every cluster.

– Environment-friendly innovations or projects which supports the well being of the local ecology.

– Recycling projects.

– Artisan vendor partners added and benefited.

– Knowledge Sharing workshops, lectures, and events hosted.

– Equality of work distribution.

– High Quality ethically compliant work.

– The safety and happiness index of the artisans at work, particularly of women.