Our creative R&D on textiles is the heart of our business. It gives us the force to excel in our craft or design expertise, which we offer to our clients to enhance the scope of their ideas for creating sustainable and innovative materials. 


    • Our R&D is the key to enhancing our service portfolio and staying on top of the customer, industry, and competitive research.


    • Our grassroots model allows us to collaborate with and learn from small innovators or indigenous makers of sustainable raw materials. 


    • We are always researching, developing, and progressing leading to a more evolved perspective on crafts & design.


    • We bring unique skills and stories to the forefront. We form our clusters locally.


    • Our Research & Development is unique and well-tailored to our market.


    • The superb quality of our research on traditional craftsmanship saves time for the designers looking for authentic and sustainable ideas.


    • We take pride in educating our clients/readers on the environmental, historical, and social issues related to various textiles making or farming practices. Our research on sustainability is linked HERE


    • Our research library and blog are excellent sources of design and material inspiration for craft-based luxury design.