To measure quality and compliance, Marasim has developed a solution to track its projects, which accounts for the unique situations of the homes and workshops of rural artisans. The system is sensitive to the culture and privacy of the artisans, while still carefully tracking all data points required by Marasim’s global clientele. Our New York office sets the measurable project parameters and uses a customized checklist, which carefully tracks the requirements of global partners and local Indian regulations. 


Communication and mutual understanding are the basis for any working agreement. All artisans agree to all policies on social responsibility, human rights, employment and discrimination, and health and safety to ensure full security and compliance. Our ground team encourages collaboration among its artisans and craftspeople, creating an “artisan cluster” to avoid cultural or language barriers, so the artisan group works as a team. The ground team has constant day-to-day check-ins, including observation, data collection, and immediate response to any issues that may develop.