Marasim is a design company offering outstanding expertise in various textile craft techniques, paired with impeccable work and service quality, for conscious designers and textile connoisseurs.


    • Our biggest competitive strength is our creative advantage. Our clients have refined tastes in quality and design. Most of them have elaborate experience of working with other cultures and already have established groups. We understand our market well and have an excellent eye for quality and design. We have a novel way of using the same crafts or artisan groups, highly valued by our clients.


    • We have an eye for great design and quality suited to western luxury aesthetics. Our research library and blog are excellent sources of inspiration for craft-based design.


    • Our clients value our design and craft expertise. We provide them with the creative freedom to execute their specific ideas as a combination of multiple artisanal techniques without worrying about logistics or production details.


    • Our designs -handpainted or illustrated with western luxury aesthetics, translate very well into beautiful materials developed from applying artisanal techniques.


Located in Manhattan’s garment district, our NYC office is a combination of Atelier and library, where we exhibit our collections of craft-based textiles. 

Our studio in Manhattan also offers designers a place to browse through our curated books on textile history and design, heirlooms textiles, and our hand-painted artworks and designs.