The rural artisans and farmers form a significant proportion of the population of the developing world. With sustainable, scalable, and local opportunities, their traditional wisdom and work practices can ensure strong rural economic growth and the environment’s well-being. Marasim wholeheartedly celebrates the strong spirit of hand workers who have kept traditions alive despite facing centuries of hardships. Marasim is on a mission to carry their wisdom forward by sharing stories and opportunities

The artisan sector provides an excellent opportunity to employ skilled women artisans. Chiefly, Marasim’s grassroots model has the potential to identify and engage millions of women artisans from the safety of their homes or our local offices.




Nidhi is a Technologist, and a fitness Enthusiast turned into an Artisan Entrepreneur. She is an immigrant in the United States. When she was growing up as a ‘tech’ kid in a small town in India, she never had the opportunity to appreciate or observe art. However, after she moved to NYC, museums and galleries played an essential role in realizing her love for arts and textiles.


She says, “India’s handcrafted textile landscape is enormous. These textile stories and historical wealth belonging to my culture have helped me forge a new identity for myself enriched by my profound interactions with craft researchers, fine-skilled artisans, and travels to India’s villages”

Coordinating human-centric work between two different cultures requires much patience and understanding. She leads with humility and gratitude. She treats everyone equally and believes in the beauty of excellent interpersonal communications.


As a tech-savvy person, she is analytic and process-driven when managing or mapping the workflow along our supply chains. And she loves learning and sharing new efficient tech-driven processes.


She wants to ensure that more women become a part of our supply chains that they are in leadership positions, well-paid, and have H.R. support. In the Marasim universe, women will have some free and happy time every day to spend with their families. They will lead a life where they feel valued for their incredible skills.